I’d like to share something I posted this week on social media.

“There are generally two options or responses a person can have when they are upset at someone for something that they had done wrong to them.

They can keep it inside and allow it to fester. This option often causes the upset to grow and become more toxic each day. It can start out small but it continues to grow in size.

Or they can choose to address the issue with the other person and hopefully this will allow both parties to move forward. Sure, this is somewhat oversimplifying matters, but the principles remain true.

I was fortunate this week that someone asked to meet with me to address an issue that had bothered them. Within a few minutes the matter was resolved as they were able to understand the facts and the person was so delighted to be able to move on positively from it. Amazingly I wasn’t even aware of the matter beforehand! I was incredibly grateful that they chose to bring it up rather than allowing it to foster unnecessary continued negativity in their life.

I know it’s not always easy and some cases are beyond this type of resolution but if you have something that is bothering you about someone else, don’t allow it to take up space in your mind. Don’t allow it to keep deflating your batteries!

Bring it up with them and hopefully with respect and openness you will be able to resolve it. More often than not this will prove successful and allow you to live your life with less stress/upset and more joy and happiness!”

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and a restful weekend!

Rabbi Daniel Rabin

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