We are all no doubt following the events unfolding in Israel with great concern. It is distressing to think about our sisters and brothers in Israel who are having to run and take shelter from rockets on an ongoing basis. Images of distraught parents and children are heart-breaking and painfully there have been numerous casualties including the death of a five-year-old.

The bias and distortion of facts by the media only add fuel to the fire and honestly cause much frustration and anger. I have read some shocking comments by politicians and other “leaders” in Australia and across the globe who completely ignore (whether intentionally or because of ignorance) the reality on the ground. They do not mention the fact that Hamas has in its very charter to wipe Israel off the face of the earth! How can peace be achieved when that is the intention and wishes of Hamas? How can this fact be ignored?!

Sadly, it is not just innocent Israelis who are suffering but many innocent Palestinians who are suffering at the hands of terrorists controlling their lives too. I understand these are troubling times and although we are so far away physically from Israel, our hearts are right there with our people. I know this probably seems cliched already but at times of distress and trouble we as Jewish people have always turned to prayer and good deeds.

This does not mean we can just sit back and do nothing but pray, we need to do whatever we can physically. Yet, we must turn to our Creator and Daven that true peace ensues and honestly with the volatile situation at the moment we need Hashem to intervene so too speak and bring and end to this ordeal.

On that note, my colleagues and I at the Rabbinical Council of Victoria along with the National Rabbinical body have organised a night of Prayer and Solidarity with Israel. We are honoured to be hosting the event at our Shule and the flyer and booking link is below.

May we only hear good news!

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