This week in Australia is National Volunteer Week for 2019. The theme they have chosen for 2019 “Making a world of difference”.  I thought it was highly appropriate for our Shule and of course for our volunteers. One of the most tremendous things I have experienced in the relatively short time at South Caulfield Shule was the absolute dedication and support the volunteers offer to the community. I am always highly impressed and inspired by the time, effort and sincere love and care that the volunteers put in to make our community run smoothly. Over the weekend at our Charidy campaign and just yesterday at Lag B’Omer I watched a few of these dedicated volunteers helping me shlepp chairs, set up the fire, assist in the kitchen and all of this it is greatly appreciated. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all our volunteers for their continued commitment to South Caulfield Shule!

The theme “Making a world of difference” is also important as it demonstrates that even if you might not feel or believe your efforts are achieving much or perhaps you don’t see the value in schlepping chairs, remember your assistance is certainly making a “world of difference”. I do also have a pitch to those who are yet to volunteer and see how rewarding it is, to use the opportunity of National Volunteer Week to raise your hand and ask how you can assist. Every person can contribute and even if you don’t believe it I can assure you that your assistance will “make a world of difference!”

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and a wonderful weekend!

Rabbi Daniel Rabin

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