It has been an unprecedented week. The decision to temporarily close our Shule was a momentous one. I appreciate the support and encouragement from everyone and if we work together and help each other we will get through this. We were set to launch our Chesed Project in the coming weeks but that of course has been halted. However, the Chesed Project committee are going to have a COVID-19 response and details will be sent early next week. It will include sharing resources and information and assisting where we can. In the interim, if you or anyone you know is struggling physical, emotionally or spiritually, please call, email or Whatsapp me and I will do my best to provide support.

In terms of continuing to engage with you, our dear members, we are working to provide online Shiurim, services, music, classes and youth activities. We want you to stay connected and to connect to each other, albeit in a different way. If anyone has ideas to assist in this regard, please be in touch!

Below are some of the events already scheduled and we will continue to provide further offerings.

In terms of keeping you informed of further developments, the Shule COVID-19 response team is meeting regularly and will update accordingly.

I will certainly miss seeing you all this Shabbat and whilst we can’t be together, let’s allow the spirit of Shabbat to infuse us and our families with holiness, peace and blessing!

Wishing you a beautiful Shabbat and weekend ahead!

Rabbi Daniel & Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin

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