You don’t need “likes” on Facebook or Instagram to determine your self-worth.

Interestingly Instagram is trialing hiding the ‘likes’ count on the app in several countries to remove social pressure on users. Not sure if that is their true altruistic reason but nonetheless it definitely highlights a growing issue or concern in our social media world today.

Someone recently came to my office for some advice/counseling and they said they had been feeling down, depressed and quite deflated. Turns out a lot of it had to do with social media pressure. Lack of attention on the different platforms had caused them to feel devalued as person.

I believe there is only one person who needs to “like” what you are doing and that is YOU.

Make sure you are happy with the way you are living your life. Make sure you are happy with your relationships. Make sure you are happy with the values you are imparting to the world around you!

You don’t need others to endorse who you are as a person or to make you feel dignified. You don’t need likes on your photo to tell you that you are beautiful. No one can take away your self-value.

Each of us are a unique gift to this world.

Don’t let anyone ever convince you otherwise!

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Daniel Rabin

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