Thank you South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation for a Yom Kippur to remember!

I would like to extend a huge thank you to our Chazzanim Chaver Yossi Aron and Chazan Greg Hurvitz ,the gabaim, madrichim and madrichot who led the children’s programs, our president David Boyar and the board, the CSG volunteers & Victoria Police members who came past to check on our safety. Most importantly I would like to thank each and everyone of you who joined us over the 25 or so hours to celebrate Yom Kippur together!

It was a very powerful experience after sounding the Shofar and singing Hatikvah in unison, praying that Leshana Habaah Biyerushalauim!!

We now look forward to Shabbat and then of course we begin the festivities of Sukkot! I would love to see you over the Chagim and I hope you participate in the services and events that we have organised for this time!

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and a Chag Sameach,

Rabbi Daniel Rabin

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