We have been honoured to serve our wonderful community of South Caulfield Hebrew Congregation over the past couple of years. We appreciate the involvement, support and friendship of each and every one of you! There is still much to accomplish and we look forward to what the future brings and to being involved and sharing in, please God, many simchas with you all!

These are challenging times and they have certainly demonstrated to me the need and the power of being involved in a community. Every individual is an important part of creating a strong and vibrant community and we sincerely appreciate every one of you!

We are delighted to have extended our contract with the Shule and to be able to serve you into the future Be’Ezrat Hashem!

Hodu Lahashem Ki Tov! I would like to add a big thank you to the President,  David Boyar and the board of management and Riki in the office for their ongoing support! A massive thanks to Chazzan Greg Hurvitz for his incredible support of our community and to our veteran Chaver Yossi Aron for all he has done for the community!

May we all be blessed with health, parnassah and simcha!

Wishing you a beautiful Shabbat and weekend ahead!

Rabbi Daniel & Rebbetzin Sarah Rabin

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